Reports foreseen by Circulars CSSF 21/788, 21/789 and 21/790, applicable as from year-end 31 December 2023, now available in eDesk and information on main updates

On 22 December 2021, the CSSF published Circulars CSSF 21/788, 21/789 and 21/790 which introduced new reports in order to improve the risk-based supervision of the CSSF, both for prudential and AML/CFT purposes, concerning investment fund managers (IFMs) and undertakings for collective investment (UCIs).

The new reports (self-assessment questionnaire, separate report and CSSF AML/CFT external report) were made available as of 10 January 2022, respectively 31 March 2022, in the module « Collective Investment Sector Reporting Tool » (CISERO) on the CSSF eDesk Portal to allow entities to prepare and file the reports with the CSSF.

In this context, the purpose of this communiqué is to inform that as from 15 November 2023, the reports for IFMs and UCIs with a financial year-end 31 December 2023 and 31 January 2024, are available in the CISERO module. The reports with a financial year-end after 31 January 2024, will be made available three months before the respective year-end.

Furthermore, the CSSF draws the attention to the following elements:

  • Based on the reports submitted to the CSSF, the feedback received from the industry (notably also through the CISERO mailbox as well as the applicable regulatory requirements, the CSSF did proceed to some limited updates of the questionnaires included in the respective reports for IFMs and UCIs. The main aim of these updates is to clarify certain questions and to complement, in view of the applicable regulatory requirements, certain topics of the reports. The updates of the different reports for IFMs and UCIs can be consulted under “Download empty forms as PDF” in the CISERO Dashboard.
  • Following the feedback received from the industry and in line with the priorities of the CSSF, a short AML/CFT section has been added in the Separate Report for UCIs that fall under the scope of Circular CSSF 21/790 and which have designated an IFM outside of Luxembourg.
  • An IT solution optimising the filling in of the self-assessment questionnaire for the UCIs within the scope of Circular CSSF 21/790 is available as from 15 November 2023. This solution, which can already be used for the reports with a financial year-end 31 December 2023, allows to fill in the questionnaire through a structured file transmitted to the CSSF via S3 (“simple storage service”) protocol. This file will then prefill the questionnaire available on the CSSF eDesk Portal. The UCI will still be able to manually update in eDesk the data prefilled through S3. The manual input of the responses directly in the eDesk SAQ online form remains possible. For further details regarding the modalities on how to use this new solution, please refer to the dedicated user guide.