Amendment to an existing pension fund


    The amendment process comprises the approval of any amendment to a pension fund (i.e. registered on the official list).

    Submission of the request and acknowledgement of receipt

    The applicant must provide the CSSF with any relevant information for the examination of the request in the form of a detailed letter in the absence of a standardised form. Because of the variety of possible amendments and, hence, the variety of information that changes accordingly, no questionnaire is currently available on the CSSF website for the collection of the relevant information.

    A request file and appended documents must be submitted together via email to

    Applicants are advised to file an application only once all components of the project are fully fixed and stable. The transmission of a partial (incomplete) application may prevent the start of the approval process and cause unexpected delays in the examination process.

    Exchange of comments

    The CSSF will contact the applicant (request for further information and/or supportive documents, supplementary confirmations, further information about certain aspects of the request, etc.) as soon as possible after receiving an application.

    Complementary information or documents must be submitted via email. An exchange of comments will continue until satisfactory completion of the examination phase.

    If the applicant experiences any difficulty in providing further information on specific considerations of the application and does not provide the information requested by the CSSF within a reasonable time limit, the CSSF will contact the applicant to ask whether the application is to be continued or withdrawn.

    End of examination

    If the CSSF makes a decision in favour of the proposed amendment, and only if the examination of the request for amendments is carried out based on draft documents, the CSSF will contact the applicant to advise that the examination phase of the application is complete. The CSSF will request all required documents in final version to complete the process.

    If the amendment results in a change of pension rules (in signed form), technical note, statement of investment policy principles (SIPP), articles of incorporation and/or agreements, new final versions must be submitted.

    Approval of amendments

    The attestation of the approval of amendments is issued only after receipt of all compulsory documents in final version and without alteration from the last versions examined.

    Where applicable, the CSSF issues an official accreditation letter by email.

    All legal and regulatory documents can be found in the Regulatory framework section.

    All forms can be found in the Publication and Data section.


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