Content Keyword: Statutory auditor (réviseur d'entreprises)

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  • Grand-ducal Regulation
    Document date: 15 February 2010
    Archived since 20 June 2017

    Grand-ducal Regulation of 15 February 2010 repealed by Grand-ducal Regulation of 20 June 2017

    organising the continuing training of réviseurs d’entreprises (statutory auditors) and réviseurs d’entreprises agréés (approved statutory auditors)

  • CSSF Regulation
    Document date: 8 July 2011
    Archived since 21 November 2013

    CSSF Regulation N° 11-02 repealed by CSSF Regulation N° 13-04

    relating to the establishment of a list of Master’s degrees or diplomas corresponding to equivalent trainings which satisfy the requirements referred to in Article 2(1) and (2) of the Grand-ducal regulation of 15 February 2010 determining the requirements for the professional qualification of réviseurs d’entreprises (statutory auditors)