Tracing assets


    Heirs are sometimes in doubt whether a deceased relative from who they inherit has held during his/her lifetime assets with a Luxembourg bank or an other professional of the Luxembourg financial sector.

    In those circumstances, heirs or their representatives contact the CSSF asking for information on assets that the deceased parent might have held with a Luxembourg bank or with other professional of the Luxembourg financial sector.

    However, queries relating to assets’ tracing do not fall under the competence of the CSSF.

    In order for heirs to properly carry out their search, they should directly address their requests to the different banks or to the other professionals of the financial sector established in Luxembourg (the list of the banks and professionals may be consulted on the Search entities database) and ask them whether the deceased person had held any assets with them. In such circumstances, heirs should attach to their requests certain documents which are likely to prove their entitlement, namely:

    • a death certificate relating to the deceased relative,
    • a certified copy of their I.D. card,
    • a legal document evidencing their rights.

    In case where heirs are represented, representatives should join to their request a proxy enabling them to act on behalf of these heirs.

    Steps described above do not only apply to heirs, they may also be applicable to persons who opened a bank account in the past with a Luxembourg bank they are unable to locate now.

    The Association des Banques et Banquiers, Luxembourg (ABBL) may also assist heirs in their search for assets.