Communiqué de presse

Communication relative à l’évaluation PRIIPs – fonds d’investissement (uniquement en anglais)

Press release 19/60

This communication follows up on press release 19/28 regarding PRIIPs assessment. It is addressed to all SIFs, Part II UCIs and SICARs.

We would like to point out that funds created after October 2019 must also complete the assessment through the eDesk Portal.

Moreover, all information fields in the PRIIPs assessment completed through eDesk before October 2019 must be kept up to date via the portal.

A mandate document now allows law firms/legal advisors to complete the assessment in accordance with a contract signed between the fund’s directors and the law firm/legal advisors. This document is available on the eDesk Portal.

The CSSF reminds all funds which failed to complete the PRIIPs assessment by 31 October 2019 to comply with the regulation.