Retour sur la conférence LBC/FT de 2024 organisée par la CSSF pour les PSF spécialisés (uniquement en anglais)

In order to foster interaction with the Specialised PFSs under its supervision, the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) held an online conference on 22 January 2024 highlighting the key issues on AML/CFT for the sector. Representatives of the Luxembourg Ministry of Justice and the Luxembourg Financial Investigations Unit (FIU) were also amongst the speakers.

The orators gave feedback and clarifications on following topics:

  • Findings identified by the Specialised PFS department.
  • Best practices concerning cooperation with authorities.
  • Results of the FATF’s Mutual Evaluation 2023.
  • Insights from the FIU for Specialised PFS.
  • The CSSF’s expectations on AML/CFT outsourcing notifications.