This section includes the regulatory framework reflecting the main international, European and national rules adopted and/or implemented by the CSSF as part of its missions and powers. These rules are presented in a descending order of authority.

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  • 10.01.1996
    Circular IML 96/124
    Staff numbers (new table S 2.9. for PFS)
    Circular CSSF
  • 28.07.1995
    Circular IML 95/120
    Central administration
    Circular CSSF
  • 21.06.1995
    Circular IML 95/119
    Rules for the management of risks associated with derivative activities
    Circular CSSF
  • 20.02.1995
    Circular IML 95/116 (only in French)
    Entry into force of the Law of 21 December 1994 amending certain legal provisions concerning the transfer of claims and pledging and of the law of 21 December 1994 concerning repurchase agreements transacted by credit institutions
    Circular CSSF
  • 15.10.1993
    Circular IML 93/102 (only in French)
    Rules concerning the organisation and internal control of the activities of brokers or commission agents exercised by other financial sector professionals
    Circular CSSF
  • 15.10.1993
    Circular IML 93/101 (only in French)
    Rules concerning the organisation and internal control of the market activity of credit institutions
    Circular CSSF
  • 04.05.1993
    Circular IML 93/95 (only in French)
    Entry into force for the other professionals of the financial sector of the Law of 5 April 1993 on the financial sector
    Circular CSSF
  • 05.04.1993
    Law of 5 April 1993 (coordinated version)
    on the financial sector
  • 17.06.1992
    Law of 17 June 1992 (coordinated version)
    relating to the accounts of credit institutions
  • 05.12.1991
    Circular IML 91/80 (only in French)
    Staff numbers
    Circular CSSF
  • 17.09.1991
    Circular IML 91/78 (only in French)
    Terms of application of Article 60 of the amended law of 27 November 1984 regulating private portfolio managers
    Circular CSSF
  • 21.01.1991
    Circular IML 91/75 (as amended by Circulars CSSF 05/177 and CSSF 18/697)
    Revision and remodelling of the rules to which Luxembourg undertakings governed by the Law of 30 March 1988 on undertakings for collective investment (“UCI”) are subject
    Circular CSSF
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  • 10.08.1915
    Law of 10 August 1915
    concernant les sociétés commerciales
  • 08.01.1807
    Commercial Code